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HEY, my name is anouk, but i create artworks under the name - changeling artz

I have loved drawing and mythical creatures my whole life, but

ever since reading 'Wings of Fire', I have been inspired to

create artworks inspired by the fantastic stories of

Tui T. Sutherland.


I am now  creating original pieces by commission and

would love to draw a dragon for you.

So if you interested in an OC created specifically for you check

out the details below, fill in the form and I will get back to you

as soon as dragonly possible.

prices and details


Digital Artwork

Head only: $15

Half Body (no wings): $25

Full Body: $35

Specific Pose: $50

Hand Drawn

Add $5


Add: $10


Please use the form below to outline any specific requests i.e. colours, name, body type, personality, gender etc.

request form


Licensing, Terms & Conditions (Ooo, I sound so professional)

On receipt of your form I will send you an email confirmation including cost and timing as well as a link to my PayPal account for payment.

On receipt of payment I will deliver your art within the time frame designated (usually within one week).

On delivery of your low res art for approval you can make ONE set of changes to colour only.

I will then send you art in multiple formats suitable for use online and/or printing.

I reserve the right to post commissions on my Social Media accounts (can tag you if you wish). 

All reproductions must include my signature - please don't crop it out and, please add my tags to your post.

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