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Term 2 Timetable

School Years 3 - 6 


Monday 4pm - 5pm 
Starts April 27

School Years 6 - 10

Monday 5pm - 6pm
Starts April 27

School Years 6 - 10



Wednesday 4pm - 5pm
Starts April 29

School Years 6 - 10

Saturday 2:30pm - 4pm 
Starts May 2


From Term 2, the casts of all our productions will attend live online rehearsals each week and receive individual attention, small group coaching and access to pre-recorded content to help them rehearse their parts at home. 

So while the dreaded lurgy is keeping us physically apart, IYT is going full steam ahead. We are busy preparing live rehearsals, individual programs and prerecorded content for every cast member in ALL our major productions. The next few months are a time to learn lines, rehearse songs and get as ready and prepared as possible so we will be in a great position to get the shows up quickly and easily when the time comes.


All our young actors need to continue with IYT classes and rehearsals is a Zoom account and access to a computer or iPad.

We will deliver a mixed program of live rehearsals, private tutorials and recorded

‘demonstration’ videos on our YouTube channel. 

Cast members of each show will be personally invited to rehearsals as needed each week so please download the Zoom app, register and keep an eye on your inbox. Kids will also be given access to recorded content on our YouTube channel to help them rehearse their parts at home.

Our directors can work with our cast members individually or in small groups to provide a more intensive and productive rehearsal experience.


We hope to have our shows performed live on stage later in the year, so our immediate aim is to have the bulk of the script and songs learnt in term 2. When we meet again in the rehearsal room in term 3 or 4, we will be in a great position to get the shows up quickly and easily.

This is a time for us all to get our creative house in order and get our lines down and songs learnt before meet again in person in the rehearsal room.

We plan to be back on stage at the end of the year performing Wendy & Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and our Roald Dahl Musical (if and where possible), and have registered to perform in the Sydney Fringe Festival and Bell Shakespeare Short Film Competition, so we’re hardly slowing down.


You will be happy to know we have slashed our regular term fees for our online program, and as we are a not for profit registered charity, we are reframing them as ‘membership fees’ to keep our videos and resources private and secure. We are grateful the creative kids vouchers can still be used for our program moving forward, giving parents a $100 discount on Term 2 ensemble rehearsals.

Do you want to join us in term 2?

While Covid 19 is keeping us physically apart, IYT is only rehearsing shows for performance later iN the year. That said, we would LOVE to get new kids involved. If you are an actor, singer or dancer and aged 9 to 12 years, you can still join our junior musical theatre ensemble without audition. This means you can perform the group singing roles and have a small acting role.

If you want to be considered for a principal role - solo singing or major acting part, you will need to submit a video audition singing a musical theatre song that best suits your voice directly to camera.

If you are aged 12 to 16 and wish to join our senior musical theatre ensemble, you will need to submit a video audition that shows your acting and/or singing abilities to be considered for a singing or acting role in our current production. If you do not wish to do this, you may still be eligible to join our group ensemble.

Video auditions should be uploaded at full resolution by April 23 to Dropbox and shared to

Our musical theatre tutors will assess your suitability for available roles and get in touch with you before rehearsals begin in term 2.

Please contact Annie on 0422 977 692 or for more information.

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